Perfect Jeans – Articles of Society

We all know that shopping for jeans can be a real nightmare… Looking for a perfect color, style and fit can be a difficult task. Not anymore with Articles of Society! Revolutionary to its kind, Articles of Society has adopted a unique role in the premium denim industry as the first brand to offer consumers superior jeans at an affordable price.  The company launched in 2012 after recognizing this missing element in the denim market and refusing to compromise quality for value. Since its launch, Articles of Society has taken the denim market by storm, selling at major retail locations across the world and garnering the attention of industry professionals and experts.   In pursuit of cultivating a unique and influential brand, AOS has committed itself to transforming the denim industry from the inside-out. The Brand satisfies a fashionable, budget-conscious generation with denim that is cutting-edge, versatile, and above all iconic.

Drop by at Layover Boutique to find you ideal pair of jeans. They are here for you!

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F-Troupe shoes

Sienna Miller, Chloë Sevigny, Keira Knightley and Lily Allen. What do they all have in common? Perfect style and sophisticated taste, of course! They all can’t be wrong by choosing and sporting a London-based shoe brand – F-Troupe! Since it launched in 2003 by self-taught designer Mick Hoyle, F-Troupe has built up a loyal following around the world. The London-based footwear label is loved for its original and off-beat designs that span from androgynous brogues to cute sandals to tomboy boots. In addition to perfect quality and original design, the shoes are sold in cute and colorful boxes. Drop by and try them on!

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New In – D’deMOO coats

D’deMOO is a Korean brand created and managed by Park Choonmoon, a Korean fashion designer. Park was born in Kimje, a small town in South Korea. Starting form early childhood, she was fascinated by transformative and reflective nature of clothing. When her family moved to Seoul, she attended Honk-Ik University where she obtained a degree in Industrial Design. She also studied fashion design at Kookje Fashion School. Her industrial design roots are well visible in her fashion projects. She’s been a part of Korean fashion avant-garde since 1988. She opened her first front store in 1988 in Korea and expanded quickly into other Asian markets. Park has won numerous prizes including Presidential Awards. Most recently, she was voted one of the most influential designers of 2010. She has shown her collections in Korea, Japan and France, and has been invited to participate in other significant shows worldwide.

We are proud to announce that we carry few of Park’s winter collection’s designs including cashmere wool coats, reversible coats and double layer leather coats.

Drop by at 903 Queen Street West to check more of Park’s little pieces of art.demo3 demoo4 demoo2