New In: Uppdoo Bags

Looking for a cute and fancy bag? The Uppdoo bags have just came in! Uppdoo is an original hand-crafted bag and accessory design brand based in Toronto. The company is owned by Ricky Shi who decided to take his passion to the drawing board; interweave his ability to craft with his sense of style to create unique handbags and small fashion accessories in small batches by hand.

UPPDOO is personally resonant for Ricky as it contains two important principles in life – Direction and Action. Team Uppdoo is constantly creating, seeking inspiration, and looking for new challenges and adventures in the field of fashion and design. Their interest in design is diverse; they take inspirations and creativities from all angles such as art, craft, fashion, interior design and culture. Uppdoo style reflects the world around us: urban, culturally diverse, dynamic and infused with artistic inspiration.

The underlying philosophy at UPPDOO is that “Life is Sweet…” – so it‘s important to treat yourself and indulge in all of life’s delicious moments. Not simply just a brand of fashion, UPPDOO will inspire and uplift the everyday into a celebration.

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Uppdoo Red Purse – 385$.

Style inspiration: Kristen Stewart

This week’s style inspiration is Kristen Stewart.

Even though she seems not to care at all about what she wears, the “Twilight” star and the Woody Allen’s muse has involuntarily become a new fashion icon.

Her unique charm and feisty character was first spotted by the fashion industry legend Karl Lagerfeld who invited Stewart to be a face of Chanel. Kristen is taking now her role to the next level and will play the fashion house’s founder Coco Chanel in a short film set to debut at the fashion house’s Chanel Métiers d’Arts show, December 1 in Rome.

Although she has been known to kill it in couture on the red carpet, her everyday style is far more tomboy than fashion forward. Stewart is a crown princess of a grungy, androgynous look and this is what we love about her! During her latest appearance at TIFF she sported her trademark street style, combining an oversized pair of black trousers with loose grey cotton blouse. For her portrait photo shoot at film festival in Venice she chose a classic Chanel jacket with high waist shorts and white oxford shoes.

How to get the Kstew look? Pima cotton BOBI t-shirts and oxford F-troupe shoes are now available at our store! 

kstew3 kstew1 kstew6 kstewvenice