New Arrivals just in Time for the Cooler Weather, with Soleil Cashmere

Its now officially that time again, and isn’t it just lovely to welcome back cashmere !!! Check out what Layover Boutique is offering on Queen West when it comes to our new fall/winter collection … Let’s check it out !!!!

This winter wear the sun 24/7 with Soleil’s premium Cashmere. Each piece is made specifically to flatter and encourage a woman’s figure, with larger shaped cuts, that give you the vision of an hour glass appearance. Which every woman loves. Look elegant, be chic with Soleil Cashmere.




Layover Boutique

F-Troupe shoes

Sienna Miller, Chloë Sevigny, Keira Knightley and Lily Allen. What do they all have in common? Perfect style and sophisticated taste, of course! They all can’t be wrong by choosing and sporting a London-based shoe brand – F-Troupe! Since it launched in 2003 by self-taught designer Mick Hoyle, F-Troupe has built up a loyal following around the world. The London-based footwear label is loved for its original and off-beat designs that span from androgynous brogues to cute sandals to tomboy boots. In addition to perfect quality and original design, the shoes are sold in cute and colorful boxes. Drop by and try them on!

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New In: Uppdoo Bags

Looking for a cute and fancy bag? The Uppdoo bags have just came in! Uppdoo is an original hand-crafted bag and accessory design brand based in Toronto. The company is owned by Ricky Shi who decided to take his passion to the drawing board; interweave his ability to craft with his sense of style to create unique handbags and small fashion accessories in small batches by hand.

UPPDOO is personally resonant for Ricky as it contains two important principles in life – Direction and Action. Team Uppdoo is constantly creating, seeking inspiration, and looking for new challenges and adventures in the field of fashion and design. Their interest in design is diverse; they take inspirations and creativities from all angles such as art, craft, fashion, interior design and culture. Uppdoo style reflects the world around us: urban, culturally diverse, dynamic and infused with artistic inspiration.

The underlying philosophy at UPPDOO is that “Life is Sweet…” – so it‘s important to treat yourself and indulge in all of life’s delicious moments. Not simply just a brand of fashion, UPPDOO will inspire and uplift the everyday into a celebration.

Visit our store to check more models and colors!


Uppdoo Red Purse – 385$.