Look of the Day!

Classic combination for energetic business woman!whiteset

Bishop & Young Sweater – 99$ | Articles of Society Jeans – 115$ | Soleil Cashmere Scarf – 89$ | Clark Shoes – 149$


Look of the Day!

For all lavender color lovers, we propose this beautiful and juicy set. Let’s hope this sunny weather will stay with us as long as possible! setviolet

ottod’Ame Jeans – 269$ | Chaka Shoes – 245$ | BOBI Blouse – 79$ | Soleil Cashmere Scarf – 159$

F-Troupe shoes

Sienna Miller, Chloë Sevigny, Keira Knightley and Lily Allen. What do they all have in common? Perfect style and sophisticated taste, of course! They all can’t be wrong by choosing and sporting a London-based shoe brand – F-Troupe! Since it launched in 2003 by self-taught designer Mick Hoyle, F-Troupe has built up a loyal following around the world. The London-based footwear label is loved for its original and off-beat designs that span from androgynous brogues to cute sandals to tomboy boots. In addition to perfect quality and original design, the shoes are sold in cute and colorful boxes. Drop by and try them on!

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New In: Cashmere Travel Wrap

Soleil Cashmere Travel Wrap – $259.00

Although the weather isn’t cooling down quite yet, Autumn is inevitable, whether we like it or not.

We just received a shipment of these beautiful (and C-O-Z-Y) cashmere travel wraps from Soleil Cashmere, and we have to say, they’ve got us almost excited for the cold weather ahead.

They’re called travel wraps because of their versatility, so even if you’re no globetrotter, you can still use these as a warm scarf/blacket because who doesn’t want to be constantly draped in soft, 100% cashmere?

There are about a million (well, actually, it’s more like 13) different colours to choose from, so there’s definitely a travel wrap for everyone.

IMG_5167 IMG_5168 IMG_5169 IMG_5170

There’s also about a million (well, actually, we haven’t done an official count, but we are guessing there’s a lot) ways to wear it as well. See? Versatile!

Stop by the shop and check them out!