A valid question we should all ask ourselves is, who made my clothes?

On April 24th, 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladash. From there a fashion revolution was created to show support to all those who make our clothes.

This past week thousands of social media enthusiasts have shown their support to the cause of #whomademyclothes by revealing labels off their backs.


At Layover, we take extra care in knowing the brands we sell. We think you should too.

We carry brands from all over the world specializing in quality fabrics and individual character. Montreal to Spain, you will find the brand that reflects our product research and knowledge. Layover understands the importance of supporting small business brands by eliminating mass production and focusing on economical, sustainable, and supporting workers rights.

By showing Layover’s support we feature one of our favorite partners Soleil Cashmere. Soleil Cashmere is based out of Montreal, Canada where they specialize in making garments out of high quality cashmere from Mangolia, famous for its soft yarn and texture. They also provide amazing products made of Pima cotton, cotton/Silk bland, silk/cashmere, cotton/cashmere, as well as 100% linen knitting sweater. A cashmere sweater is something every woman should have in their wardrobe, no matter what the weather may be.


Did you know that Soleil Cashmere is also a member of NWP, a non-profit organization to help raise awareness of the advantages of natural & organic fiber!

Come join Layover and show your support by only wearing what you know and believe in. We make sure to only deliver the brands that care.


To learn more about the fashion revolution visit


Visit http://www.soleilcashmere.com


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