Christmas compaigns’ invasion!

Fashion industry is getting ready for the upcoming Xmas fever. The biggest brands compete with each other to create the most atractive Xmas compaign of the year. They hire the hottest fashion faces but also engage celebrities, all to catch the global attention. Here goes our personal ranking of  the best Xmas compaigns of the year. Which one is your favorite?

  1. Katy Perry for H&M. The glamorous pop star was an obvious choice for this popular brand. The natural beauty, extravagant singer and the girl next door incorporates the freshness and the childy joy of the Xmas time which both were the main themes of the H&M’s winter collection.KATE PERY1
  2. Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner for Penshoppe. These two girls are rocking the newest session for the Filipino brand. Being bestfriends in real life is certainly helpful when it comes to incarnating the natural party vibe which was the central campaign theme. Despite of the fact that Cara Delevigne officialy suspended her fashion career, the hot Cara&Kendall duo aka #CaKe will surely appear in other fashion related projects. CAKE
  3. Naomi Campbell, Elton John and Romeo Beckham for Burberry. The legendary British brand is widely renowned for its spectacular Christmas campaigns. This year, the Xmas session was inspired by the cult British movie – “Billy Elliot”. Burberry engaged the hottest British stars, icluding Naomi Campbell, Eltohn John, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Romeo Beckham. The pictures were shot by one and only – Mario Testino. NAOMIROSIEYes, this is one of many reasons why we actually love Christmas!

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